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Craft, Computations, and Constructions
Research and Teaching by Jonathan Dessi-Olive.

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COUNTER + Intuitive by CO + Lab

This material experimentation project was carried out by CO+Lab: a construction+collaboration laboratory who sought to make small construction interventions to improve underutilized spaces around the Meyerson Hall, home of PennDesign at the University of Pennsylvania. Counter+Intuitive is a formally whimsical bar + ledge + work surface in the main entrance to the building. 

CO+LAB Project1: COUNTER+INTUITIVE from PennDesign on Vimeo.
Tactical Entry Installation

The University of Pennsylvania School of Design

Philadelphia, PA


Project Designers: Jonathan Dessi-Olive, Alyssa Olson, Alex Holstein

Build Team: Alex Holstein, Alyssa Olson, Anna Ishii, Frederick Cricket Day, Graham Laird Prentice, Jonathan Dessi-Olive, Kelly Berger, Lauren Mears, Lindsay Rule, Michael Kipfer, Stefanie Loomis, William Wong

Additional Acknowledgements:

mikael avery
design studio + fabrication lab

+erik carlsen
philadelphia machine works

Photography by Barret Doherty

Video by Michael Scott Kipfer

special thanks to the helpful ones in the penndesign fabrication lab

Other Projects:
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