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Craft, Computations, and Constructions
Research and Teaching by Jonathan Dessi-Olive.

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Voltas Grammáticas


This Computational and Structural Design research shape grammar specifies presents a rule-based approach to designing creative aggregations of compression-only vault structures, validated through a tile-vault prototype. A shape grammar-influenced design method is specified that uses shape rules to recursively design vaulted structures in a way that is neither mechanical nor deterministic.

The grammar produces a compression-only structural language of buildable groin-vault-like structures that expands the capacity of how compression-only vault structures are designed and breaks habits in current computational design techniques, which is lacking outside of using commonly known software plug-ins. Though shape grammar-based generative systems have already been shown to be capable of being used in architecture and engineering to design singular vault structures with pre-determined support conditions. The method proposed here addresses the critical issue of design homogeneity and predictability in the design of funicular vault structures, and has the capacity of generating aggregations of several vaults in the language. Furthermore, the method has been validated through the construction of a tile-vault structure built using the Guastavino system.
Shape Grammar Vault


Atlanta, GA

Construction Team:
Roberto Bucheli, Bennett Crawford, Keyhan Khaki, Alex Knight, Anna Mccuan, Sean Miller, Sounok Sarkar, Matt Singleton, Justin Wilson

Construction Timelapse

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