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Voltas Grammáticas


This structural shape grammar specifies of series of 2-Dimensional design rule for making a range of funicular structure designs. Each step contains shape rule types that transform and aggregate parts and wholes of the basic element - a barrel vault. Proportional rules to describe underlying geometry and graphical equilibrium analysis techniques to validate their stability. Shapes are used as “primitives” for a generative machinery that defines a formal language [shape grammar] characterized by a compression-only material constraint - setting a basic criterion that the compressive forces of a structure should fall within the boundaries of the matter. Computations can be started in plan and parametrically extended to 3D. This computational design methodology helps promote a way of working within the constraints of compression-only structures that is neither mechanical nor deterministic. It is open-ended, imaginative and creative and permits architects to work visually, non-deterministically, and with material and structural primacy - to feel the forces in shapes. The method guarantees only designs that can be built are generated - ultimately developing an intuition for designing directly with the matter and forces and play.
Shape Grammar Vault
Atlanta, GA Construction Team:
Roberto Bucheli, Bennett Crawford, Keyhan Khaki, Alex Knight, Anna Mccuan, Sean Miller, Sounok Sarkar, Matt Singleton, Justin Wilson

Construction Timelapse

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