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Craft, Computations, and Constructions
Research and Teaching by Jonathan Dessi-Olive.

︎MycoMatters Lab

Proto Afterlife Projects


Between the late 2020 and early 2022, the MYCO MATTERS Lab produced numerous large scale prototypes during the “house parts” seminar and for the Biomaterial Building Exposition at the University of Virginia. As  technologyical prototypes of myco-fabrication techniques that were meant for temporary, short-term use, this project ultimately produced waste, which is common in building technology research and education. A major advantage of mycelium-composite assemblies is they have in herent the capacity to be completely compostable. Four installations were made in Manhattan, KS and Charlottesville, VA in the spring of 2022 which transported the mycelium structure prototypes back to nature; returning them to the ecosystem and let to decompose and serve as a source of nutrients for other organisms. 

Installation Series

Manhattan, KS and Charlottesville, VA

Spring 2022

Weave in the Woods - Manhattan, KS

Stair in the Swamp

Other Projects:
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